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We invite you to visit us, to relax and allow us to travel you to the world of beauty and slimming.

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In our center you can easily lose weight using the latest generation of aesthetic medicine machines.

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Specialized body treatments for the treatment of local fat and cellulite with the method of Cryolipolysis.


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Build MuscleBurn fat

completely painless in just 30 minutes !.

It does not look like anything you have ever tried! The first machine in Greece - the only one in all of Crete - that makes muscles contract up to 36,000 times during a 30-minute session - is here! This innovative machine builds muscle and burns fat effortlessly, completely painlessly, in just 30 minutes! With visible results immediately after the first session!


Always at the forefront of body sculpting Metamorfosis Day Spaoffers you this revolutionary technology, which produces up to 36,000 involuntary muscle contractions during a 30 minute session, while other machines only produce up to 20,000!

  • 19% fat reduction
  • loss of 4 cm in the waist circumference
  • 16% increase in muscle mass
Action Areas
It has been proven to be effective in improving muscle tone and tightening:
  • in the abdomen
  • the buttocks
  • the biceps
  • the triceps
  • in the calf muscles
Each session lasts 30 minutes and focuses on a specific area of the body. For optimal results, 4-6 sessions are needed in total.


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Metamorfosis Day Spa, the first beauty and slimming center in Rethymnon, was founded in May 2004. Since then, we evolve and maintain the enthusiasm, the quality of the services as well as the warm, welcoming atmosphere with which we started and for which we are widely known.

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